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"Energy independence has to be our nation's first and highest priority. We must be determined to achieve this within the next 25 years i.e. by the year 2030." – Abdul Kalam, 2005

Monday, 18 June 2012

Wind and solar powered Electric Car -New technology

The conventional electric car finds the difficulty of charging it after few kilometers but the
wind and solar powered car helps to eliminate this drawback as this car has the facility
to be charged on board due to wind and solar energy. Taking into account air
resistance, the design of the car is such that maximum aspects are taken into
consideration. The sun and the wind energy are utilized to charge battery and generate
the energy to run the car smoothly. Super capacitor helps for ripple free torque during
The wind and solar powered car has high efficiency and is a maintenance free car. The
car works on the concept of charging and discharging of the battery on board. When the
car runs, the motor consumes power from battery and after certain kilometers it needs
to be recharged. In this car power is generated from wind turbines and the solar plates
and are directed to the battery for the charging. The battery is recharged on board and
the car doesn’t need to be standby for charging.


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  2. Solar is not essential today, but neither is having a luxury, hybrid or new car. Car companies overcome this practical thinking through showing positive images of experience and through test drives. Once consumers see people driving the car on a commercial or drive it for themselves, people develop a sense of ownership and excitement by imagining themselves driving down the street with the top down.

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  6. One of the biggest advantages of all is that solar energy will not be running out anytime soon. It is a free, inexhaustible source of energy, which will be meeting our power needs for billions of years to come.

  7. The traditional electric car discovers the problem of charging after a few miles but the energy operated car helps to remove this disadvantage as this car has the service to be billed on the panel due to energy energy.This is the effective feature which will increase sales of the product.

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  9. Sometimes vehicles are left in the parking place for hours while people take care of their latest information technology news chores or work in their offices. You can simply plug in your vehicle to charge it. I love this technology.

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